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Sports team building is a good solution for companies that set as their goal not only a healthy climate within the team but also monitor the healthy lifestyle of their employees, their good physical shape.

That is why the leadership of many companies prefer sports team building. This is an excellent format for holding a corporate event aimed at solving a whole range of tasks:

  • First of all, this is a great opportunity to rally the team and increase its vitality and activity.
  • In addition, switching activities of employees gives them the opportunity to psychologically liberate themselves.
  • Simulation of competitive activity in sports team-building with guarantee strengthens the friendly relations between employees - after all, they are all members of the same team - and motivates the staff of the company to succeed.

Well and above all, sports team building is a bright, interesting and entertaining type of corporate holiday.

Why sports team building?

In recent years, sports team building as a direction has been steadily gaining momentum in the field of organizing corporate events in Moscow. This is because the stock of "strength" of employees every year less and less. There are many reasons why this happens:

  • poor ecology of megacities,
  • malnutrition,
  • overwork.

But first of all, it is entropy, the dispersion of employees' energy into priority areas of activity, a sedentary, and sometimes even a sedentary lifestyle. So, most often it turns out that the more valuable an employee is to a company, the worse their health and physical condition.
According to the results of research by social psychologists, the regular holding of corporate sports events is the best way to bring people together and create trusting relationships in the team.

What you have to go through:

Choose a site.

To conduct this type of corporate event, it is advisable to choose a large outdoor venue:

  • stadium,
  • sportsfield
  • sports club,
  • sports facilities.

Divide into teams.

We instill corporate values.

Team building goal:

  1. Identification of strengths and weaknesses of workers;
  2. Understand who is the leader in the company;
  3. Creating and strengthening friendly relations between all employees, regardless of age;
  4. Improving the ability to quickly and effectively solve complex and non-standard tasks;
  5. Activation of creative abilities, which is also important;
  6. The employee’s awareness that he is part of the team and the final result depends on him;
  7. To teach trust and understanding.

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