Cinema Quest

1 Days / 0 Nights
Season: Year-round
Tour structure

Tour description

With the help of coordination of filming professionals, event participants create a film on their own, which is an effective method of team building;

The editing and premiere of the film takes place directly on the day of the event and is the culmination of the holiday;

The result of the shooting is a surprise for everyone, since the sound row of the final film is different from the scenes shot by groups.

Movie quest specifics:

Selection of a film - takes place in advance together with the Customer, taking into account your preferences;

Process coordination - professional scriptwriters and videographers work with teams throughout the filming process and script development.

What you have to go through:

  • At the end of the breakdown into teams, the script is filled with content, the roles and responsibilities in each team are divided;
  • The filming process takes place in the second block, after the second icebreaker-energizer;
  • The premiere of the videos shot by the teams, as well as the general video (with a modified soundtrack) takes place at the evening event.


Team building goal:


  • To reveal the creative abilities and leadership qualities of the participants;
  • Creative development as screenwriters, actors;
  • Teamwork, cohesion.


Play time:


3.5 - 5 hours


  • Teamwork;
  • The atmosphere of kindness and friendship;
  • A change of scenery;
  • Revealing the potentials of colleagues;
  • Excitement of the team championship.


Tour structure


  • Organizing Tour

Not included

  • Foods
  • Accommodation

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