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MICE in Uzbekistan

Business tourism today is the most promising sphere in Uzbekistan.

Firstly, business tourism is not a budget vacation, and secondly, the result of business meetings, the conclusion of international transactions and government profit depend on comfort and location.

Today, our company Canaan.Travel provides services of the MICE industry of various formats: from business meetings to sightseeing tours.

Contact us to organize events of any format and conduct business negotiations at the highest level.

What is MICE?

This is a range of services for business travel.

MICE stands for:

Meeting. We help with the choice of a comfortable hotel, hotels, restaurants, business centers and transfers for comfortable negotiations;

Incentives. We organize team building and tours in cities and resorts of Uzbekistan for business partners and employees;

Conferences. The country hosts many specialized conferences and forums. We will help you to participate in events and even organize your own conference;

Events. We will come up with an atmosphere for business meetings that will help to realize ideas and return from negotiations with a positive result.

As an option, we will help to combine negotiations with parties, exhibitions, concerts and excursions.

Today, business tourism in Uzbekistan is poorly developed, but this is temporary: the country's leadership plans to develop this sphere. Uzbekistan has great potential for business tourism, but it is still necessary to create a high-quality infrastructure and prepare professionals (for organizing and accompanying business meetings).

We are holding such events today. The most popular type of modern tourism is business travel, which presumes the exchange of experience and useful information, organize seminars and training.

Business Travel Scenarios

We love tourism and our tourists, so we are happy to organize your business trip. Here are a few scenarios on how to spend time before important negotiations.

We help to relax before the meeting

Travel is exhausting, and the anxiety before an important meeting does not allow you to relax and rest after a long journey. We know how to spend time to good use and relax.

We will conduct a special excursion to the "Bozori Kord" hammam, which was built in the distant 14th century. Local bath customs have been known for over 600 years. Peeling, massages, body stretching ... Going to the bath will help relieve stress and distract from the upcoming meeting.

We charge with energy and prepare for business negotiations

Not enough courage and fighting spirit? Then we will build a Yurt - a medieval nomad dwelling, that saves from torrential rains, hot suns and winter winds.

They say that a yurt is easy to build, but is it really so? We will arrange a real meeting with the nomads who will instruct and help build a shelter. During the event, you can concentrate, believe in your own strengths and recharge with positive energy.

We help build trust between the parties to a business meeting

No, we do not use potions, we do not perform rituals. We just make you a paintball game in the mountains. Firstly, the mountain air and an unusual location will inspire you and save you from worries, and secondly, we will put together teams so that you play not against each other, but on the same side with business partners.

Team play will increase trust and disposition between you and your partners, and during the meeting, you will not be nervous and uncomfortable.

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