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Khiva is an open-air museum city, one of the important centers of the Great Silk Road route.

Khiva's atmosphere is unique. In 1968, the old one received the status of a reserve.

We suggest you take a tour of the architectural sights perfectly preserved over the centuries, narrow streets and ancient mud-brick buildings of Khiva.

The city is divided into 2 parts Ichan-Kala - the inner city, Dishan-Kala - the outer. The main large monuments (about 60 historical buildings have been preserved) are located in the ancient Ichan-Kala fortress (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List).

Here you can see:

  • Kunya Ark
  • Tash Howley
  • Calta Minor
  • Juma mosque
  • Mausoleum of Pahlavan Mahmud
  • Islam-Khoji minaret


Ichan-Kala Fortress is the heart of Khiva. This is not just a museum; up to 300 families who are engaged in craft still live here.
The fortress is surrounded by a clay wall whose height is 10 meters and a length of more than 2 km. Everywhere there are wooden columns and doors decorated with carvings, in the patterns of which there are often vine and leaves.


The inner city can be reached through four gates. They are located on each side of the world.

  • Western Gate (main) - Ata Darvaza
  • Northern Gate - Bagcha Darvaza
  • Southern Gate - Tash Darwaza
  • Eastern Gate - Palvan Darvaza


During the trip, we will tell several legends.
One of which says that the citadel of Ichan-Kala was built from the same clay as Medina, which was built by the prophet Muhammad. And the lake, which appeared later, is considered to be holy.


The walls of Dishan-Kala were erected in 1842. The thickness at the base was up to 6 meters. And if the inner city managed to maintain its pristine appearance, then the outer one retained only three and fragments of the fortress walls.

Tour structure

Day 1 | Khiva

Kunya-Ark fortress "city in a city". Here you can find the Khan's mosque, the residence of the khan, the supreme court, the khan's reception - khurinish-khani, powder factory, mint, harem, kitchens, stables, guardhouse, etc. In the southern part of kurinish-khani there was a throne room with a two-column aiwan (terrace). In the middle of the hall was a yurt. Iwan was decorated with blue and white majolica and a delightful ornament.

 Visits to historical sites:

  • Tash Hovli Palace
  • Madrassah Muhammad Aminhana
  • Madrassah Muhammad Rahimkhan
  • Minaret Kalta-Minor
  • Islam Hodge minaret

The multi-column mosque of Juma. The mosque was built in the 10th century, has 212 carved wooden columns. She accommodated all the men of the city who came to her for a Friday service.

The Pakhlavan Mahmud complex is the burial place of the famous poet in Khorezm, who was considered the patron saint of Khiva. The main hall of the mausoleum played the role of the tomb of the Khiva khans.


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