Tour through the mountains of Uzbekistan

9 Days / 8 Nights
Cities:Tashkent – Aksa-Ata river – Kumbel – Beldersay ridge – Charvak Lake – Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn,
Tour structure

Tour description

Have You ever thought of an idea to combine a cultural rest with a mountain trip into a single tour? Canaan Travel brakes any standards and offer You a unique opportunity to join a combined tour. Besides the distinctive Oriental architecture of Tashkent, besides the fabulous magic of the minarets and madrassas of the ancient Samarkand, besides the fortresses and palaces of the Golden Bukhara, You have got a chance to get to indescribable mountains of Uzbekistan.

Just imagine that Your way, started in the modern capital, passing all the sights of Tashkent, will further lead You to the stellar sky of Chimgan highlands, which climbers from all over the world are trying to conquer on a daily basis. You have an opportunity to discover these mountains from the side of those, who really value the pristine of nature and pure environment.

You will learn a lot of breathtaking stories, You will step to the ancient human site and touch the thousand-year art – petroglyphs of Beldersay. Picturesque places, clean air and primal nature will give You such a lot of emotions and charge of vitality, that You will be happy to spend this part of the tour away from the bustle of cities and noisy streets. The birdsong and the water gurgling in birch groves will bring You appeasement and serenity.

Combining the unforgettable feel of the mountains with Eastern history, You will certainly visit ancient Samarkand and Bukhara, plunging into the everyday hustle of Oriental people, their culture and interesting way of life. These impressions cannot just be bought, they should be felt by heart and soul. Asia is multifaceted, and we are ready to show you most of its brightest sides.

Tour structure

Day 1 | Tashkent
  • Arrival at Tashkent

  • Meeting at the airport with "Canaan Travel" desk

  • Transfer to the hotel. Check-in

The tour of the capital of Uzbekistan will take its start from the religious center of modern Tashkent - Hast-i-Imam Square, where you can see the ancient manuscripts of Central Asia - the 7th century Qur'an of Osman. The Hast-i-Imam ensemble was formed at the grave of the famous scientist, Koran scholar and hadith, poet and artisan Khazret Imam. The next visit to the functioning Madrassah ‘Kukeldash’- one of the largest madrasahs existing in our days in Central Asia. This madrasah is located near the Chorsu square in the historical part of Tashkent.

  • Dinner

This madrasah is located near the Chorsu square in the historical part of Tashkent. Independence Square. Amir Timur Square. Theatre Square. The former (the residence of Prince Romanov in Tashkent). The former residence of Prince Nikolay Romanovich Romanov, who was exiled to the Turkestan Region for mining precious stones in 1881, is located in Tashkent. The Tashkent Underground is the Museum of Tashkent.

  • Overnight at the hotel
Day 2 | Tashkent – Aksa-Ata river
Tashkent – Aksa-Ata river

Early arrival from Tashkent to the valley of Aksa-Ata near Gidjal settlement.

  • Starting mountain path.

Crossing the Northern slopes of Kumbel ridge to riverheads of Badamsay

  • Overnight in tents.

Total length of the route: 9 km

Day 3 | Aksa-Ata river – Kumbel-Beldersay ridge
Aksa-Ata river – Kumbel-Beldersay ridge

Long ascent to the Kumbel mountain range. Along the ridge to the top of Kumbel (2250m).

  • Lunch.

Descent to the canyon of Beldersay river (1700 m).

  • Overnight in tents.

Total length of the route: 11 km

Day 4 | Beldersay – Chet-Kumbel – High Chimgan – Aksay river
Beldersay – Chet-Kumbel – High Chimgan – Aksay river

Ascent to the pass of Chet-Kumbel (1880 m). Along the trail on the ridge Kumbel to petroglyphs.

  • Lunch.

After lunch, crossing under the Beldersay wall of the High Chimgan mountain with the ascent to the Western ridge of the High Chimgan. Descent to the river Aksay (1750m).

  • Overnight in tents.

Total length of the route: 9 km

Day 5 | Aksay river – Charvak Lake – Tashkent
Aksay river – Charvak Lake – Tashkent

Crossing the Red Cliff (Kyzyljar) to Charvak Lake.

  • Lunch.
  • Descent.
  • Transfer to Tashkent.
  • Night stay in hotel.

Total length of the route: 12 km

Day 6 | Tashkent – Samarkand
Tashkent – Samarkand
  • Breakfast in hotel.
  • Transfer to the station on the high-speed train “Afrasiab”
  • Arrival in Samarkand
  • Starting the tour

The very first place You visit - the Mausoleum of Gur-Emir(14 C), is the heart of Samarkand, the resting of the great commander Amir Timur, his sons Shahrukh and Miranshakh, and his grandsons Ulugh Beg and Muhammad Sultan. Timur's spiritual mentor Mir Said Baraka also received the honor of being buried in this mausoleum. This place is exceptional, because being inside will give You a feel of all the Majesty of Samarkand history.

Another most important place in Samarkand is Registan square from three sides surrounded by picturesque buildings: Ulugbek madrasah, Sher-Dor madrasah and Tillya-Kari madrasah. All these three madrasahs are directed by entrances to the middle of the square and form a coordinated ensemble composition. Each of these constructions is distinguished by its unusual decoration-cut on colored stone on the walls and gateways. The blue domes above the madrasah are made of burnt bricks, and from the outside they are decorated with glazed tiles, it shines brightly and shimmers in the sun.

Following a successful campaign in India, Timur decided to build the largest and the most unusual mosque in the Orient, for his beloved wife Bibi-Khanum. The shining walls, huge minarets, the gateway of the mosque, are built and processed with carved marble, and glorify the name of Amir Timur and his wife.

  • Lunch

The ensemble of Shahi-Zinda consists of eleven mausoleums, which were built in a row to each other for 14 – 15 centuries. This unique and mysterious ensemble is located not far from Afrasiab. The ensemble is also called the street-cemetery. The blue domes of the mausoleums forming a chain, look like an elegant necklace from the bird's eye view.

The mausoleum of St. Daniel is a unique place of pilgrimage - the mausoleum of the spiritual guardian of Samarkand and the prophet of the three world religions – Khoja Danier (biblical prophet Daniel).

Ulugbek Observatory – which is a vivid confirmation of significant development of architecture, science and culture in the XIV-XV centuries in Central Asia.

The “Meros” factory producing a unique Samarkand paper. This paper has a yellow tint and it is not bleached with chemicals, and therefore its shelf life is more longer than that of ordinary white paper. If an ordinary white paper of good quality is preserved for 40-50 years, Samarkand paper - 300-400 years.

  • Accommodation in hotel.
  • Overnight in hotel.
Day 7 | Samarkand – Bukhara countryside – Bukhara
Samarkand – Bukhara countryside – Bukhara
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Moving to the countryside of Bukhara.
  • Excursion in the countryside.

Visit to the mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshbandi that is 12 kilometers from Bukhara and is one of the most important religious places of the ancient city.

Then You will go to the summer residence of the last Bukhara emirs – Sitorai Mohi-Khosa palace, which is 4 kilometers North of Bukhara.

  • Lunch

The Ensemble of Chor Bakr. If one drives 8 kilometers to the West of Bukhara, one will find one of the main sights of the village-necropolis Chor-Bakr, which in the West is better known as the "city of the dead". This mysterious settlement was listed in the UNESCO world heritage list.

  • Moving to Bukhara.
  • Accommodation in hotel.
  • Overnight in hotel.


  • Accommodation in these hotels based on breakfast
  • All transfers on comfortable transport according to the program
  • Guide of the road
  • Transport service

Not included

  • Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic Beverages
  • International flight
  • Meals


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