Craft of the Fergana Valley

Category:Thematic tours
4 Days / 3 Nights
Cities:Tashkent - Andijan – Fergana - Chust - Margilan - Rishtan – Kokand - Tashkent
Season: Year-round
Tour structure

Tour description

Fergana valley – is an intermountain basin located in the East of Uzbekistan. The valley has borrowed its name from the city of Fergana, which is the administrative center of not only its region, but also the entire lowland. Fergana is one of the three major cities of the valley and divides its territory with Kokand and Andijan.

Fergana valley is not famous for a large number of sites, monuments or places of interest. However, due to its unique location, surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges, the most favorable climate prevails here. The nature of this region is full of bright colors and gives all visitors an unforgettable experience. Fergana is often called the ”green garden" of Uzbekistan, and this is for a reason. There are a large number of gardens and green parks, which makes this place suitable for the accommodation of various resorts and sanatoriums.

Despite all the diversity of the valley's nature, the industry did not stand still. There are a large number of enterprises and plants, which makes the Fergana valley an economically important territory.

In addition to heavy and light industry, handicraft is rather developed here. Masters often unite in their own enterprises and form craft-centers. So, for example in the city of Chust, near Kokand, craftsmen make the national headgear Chust Duppi, and in Kokand itself, there is a famous family of hereditary woodcarvers – the Umarovs. In Margilan is the largest Bazaar in the valley, where in addition to a rich harvest, one can find a wide variety of handmade products.

Canaan Travel gives You an opportunity to learn the secrets of Oriental craftsmen and to enjoy all the purity of Fergana valley’s nature. Together with us, plunge into the atmosphere of hardworking people of Uzbekistan and discover another place where You always want to return.

Tour structure

Day 1 | Tashkent – Fergana – Andijan – Fergana
Tashkent – Fergana – Andijan – Fergana
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Transfer by train to Andijan
  • Meeting our guide and driver. Start of the tour.

Walk in the countryside park “Bogi Shamol”, visit to the literary museum of the last Temurid and the first Mughal - Zahiraddin Muhammad Babur

  • Lunch

20 km drive to the old part of Andijan. Visit to the craft center. Visiting the madrasah and the mosque of Jami of the early XX century. Walk through the handicraft rows of Andijan Bazaar.

15 km from Andijan-and we are in Kuva. Observing the ruins of the medieval center of glass production.

  • 100 km way back to Fergana.
  • Overnight at hotel
Day 2 | Fergana – Chust – Fergana
Fergana – Chust – Fergana
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Meeting our guide. Start of the tour.

60 km way from Fergana to Akhsikath – the summer residence of Temurids in the end of XV century.

30 km more and we arrive in Chust, on a visit to the master of handmade Uzbek headwear – Chust Duppi.

  • Lunch at “Six-tired” teahouse. Treat with Fergana traditional dish “Vody Osh”

110 km return to Fergana.

  • Overnight at hotel
Day 3 | Fergana – Margilan – Fergana
Fergana – Margilan – Fergana
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Meeting our guide. Start of the tour.

25-kilometer drive to the suburb of Margilan, walk through the largest Bazaar in the Fergana Valley – Kumtepa. Walking through the craft rows.

10 km way to Margilan. Visiting the local craft center producing “ikat” ornament fabrics “Said Akhmad-Khwaja”. Acquaintance with silk production and decoration of fabrics by applying stamps "chitgarlik".

  • Lunch

10-kilometer drive to the Northern part of Margilan. Visit to the architectural complex of the late XIX century – “Pir Siddiq”.

Return to Fergana (25 km).

Walk into the Fergana suburban park. Watching the Fergana Regional Drama Theatre.

  • Overnight at hotel
Day 4 | Fergana – Rishtan – Kokand – Fergana
Fergana – Rishtan – Kokand – Fergana
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Meeting our guide and driver.
  • Start of the tour.
  • 50 km way to Rishtan.

Rishtan – one of the most ancient cities in the valley on the Great Silk Road. Since ancient times, it has been known as the largest center for the production of unique glazed ceramics in Central Asia.

Visit to the craftsman of ishkor glaze.

  • Transfer to Kokand

In the Western part of the Fergana valley, in the lower reaches of the Sokh river and only 25 km from the Syr Darya river, Kokand is located.  Kokand can be translated as – "wonderful place". On all sides the city is surrounded by fertile lands, but sometimes there are islands of sand dunes and gravel. Today, Kokand is among cotton fields, vineyards and vegetable plantations, allowing one to grow rich harvests of root crops, cotton and juicy grapes.

  • Visit to the family of Umarov – hereditary woodcarvers in Kokand style.
  • Lunch
  • Sightseeing of 5 Kokand architecture monuments:
    • Urda – the palace of Khudoyarkhan
    • Regional museum
    • Jami mosque and minaret
    • Necropolis Dahmai-Shakhon and Modarikhan
  • Transfer to the station. Train Kokand – Tashkent.


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  • Services of comfortable transport on excursions
  • Transport
  • Professional guide services by city
  • All transfers on comfortable transport according to the program

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  • Non-Alcoholic and Alcoholic Beverages
  • Insurance
  • Supplement for video and photography
  • Tip


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