Thematic tours

Magical taste of the East Uzbekistan
7 Days / 6 Nights
From $600
Cities:Tashkent - Samarkand - Shahrizabs - Bukhara - Tashkent
Season: Year-round
Why tour to Uzbekistan is gastronomic? What do you know about the East? What do you know about Uzbekistan? A lot of information on the Internet, a huge pile of literature, movies, photos and stories of travelers.

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Craft of the Fergana Valley
4 Days / 3 Nights
From $450
Cities:Tashkent - Andijan – Fergana - Chust - Margilan - Rishtan – Kokand - Tashkent
Season: Year-round
Fergana valley – is an intermountain basin located in the East of Uzbekistan. The valley has borrowed its name from the city of Fergana, which is the administrative center of not only its region, but also the entire lowland. Fergana is one of the three major cities of the valley and divides its territory with Kokand and Andijan.

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It is impossible to cover all the Uzbekistan in one trip. Someone visits Uzbekistan for the sake of ancient architecture, someone for the sake of the Orient culture. For such cases, we offer you a set of thematic tours during which, you will be able to touch the history of ceramics in Central Asia, by visiting the Rishtan ceramics center. Rishtan ceramics are stored in museums in Russia, China and Uzbekistan. Here you will not only see how it is done, but also learn the history of ceramics of the East.

For gourmets we also have a proposal. Go on a gastronomic tour of Uzbekistan, taste the unique Oriental food. Old recipes of Oriental pilaf, Uzbek flatbread, samsa, naryn, shurpa, kazan-kabob! Each dish will leave a lasting impression. Every city of Uzbekistan, whether it is Samarkand, Bukhara or Khiva, has its own special traditions of cooking. Tashkent pilaf was never similar to Bukhara. Samarkand flatbread is known throughout the whole Central Asia for its unique taste and large size. Each city has its own dish, which can be considered as a main sightseeing.

Advantages of thematic tours are:

Thematics of your trip are under your preferences;
Individual program;
Professional guide;
Responsible tour operator;
Security and 24-hour support.

Thematic tour is a special program during which you will see all the beauty of Uzbekistan, but only with these tours you will be able to plunge more deeply into the life, skills, culinary traditions of the local people. With Canaan Travel everything has become much easier and more interesting.

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