Restaraunts of Fergana

Fergana is the region in Uzbekistan where special attention is paid not only to the cultural and historical values, but also to the restaurant business which is successfully developing these days. Since Fergana cuisine has a unique execution of the dishes that differs from the food in other regions of Uzbekistan, it is worth to visit this city.

As in many big cities of Uzbekistan, in Fergana guests can choose a restaurant that serves region’s authentic cuisine: Fergana pilaf with red pepper, dolma, dymlyama, shurpa, shashlyk, and other dishes. Such menu accompanied by traditional music can be found in caterings like Nastarin.

For visitors from Europe, who wish to enjoy their traditional European cuisine, Fergana offers several restaurants, where you can select steaks, pasta, mimosa, French salad and other famous dishes accompanied by good beer or wine.

Moreover, in Fergana you can always visit a good pizzeria, cafe with the presence of Russian cuisine in the menu, art cafe in Japanese style, which serves pan-Asian cuisine for lovers of delicacies and exotics. Also here you can also find coffee shops, where aromatic espresso, Americano, cappuccino coffee and other types of high grade beans are brewed. For summer season you can always find an outdoor restaurant in the green zone, where you can spend time in a refreshing atmosphere.

Foreign visitors emphasize excellent work of staff in the restaurants and cafes, where all staff members are fluent in several languages, including English and Russian.

The most prominent caterings in Fergana are Fergana Green Club, art café “Bravo”, and Pub №.

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