Restaraunts of Bukhara

Bella Italia
You have a unique opportunity to travel from Asia to Europe. Restaurant "Bella Italia" will help you with this.
st. B. Nakshbandi, 125
(99865) 224-33-46
Adras Restaurant
Restaurant "Adras" is located in the old part of the city of Bukhara. The restaurant includes an outdoor courtyard, 2 lounges, cabins, quince, karaoke room and children's room.
st. Sarafon, 2
(998 93) 620 00 55
Old Bukhara Restaurant
Restaurant "Old Bukhara" is located in the heart of Old Town, near Bukhara Labi House, surrounded by the unique architecture and artisans workshops.
st. Samarkand, 3
(99890) 1857077, 2243402, 2245105
Dolon Restaurant
The restaurant includes an outdoor courtyard and a hall. Here you can enjoy the most delicious Uzbek cuisine: At lunchtime there is also pleasant background music.
st. Hakikat, 27
(99890) 718-75-07

Bukhara’s restaurants are the places where you can become intimately familiar with the authentic cuisine of the East and enjoy comfortable and friendly atmosphere simultaneously. Every restaurant in Bukhara has its own unique aura which could impress even the most demanding visitors.

National cuisine of Bukhara, in addition to traditional pilaf, offers to try the fish, baked according to a special recipe and basmu: a dish made from meat and vegetables. A variety of wonderful meat dishes in Bukhara’s restaurants is explained by the fact that Bukhara is famous for karakul sheep and cattle breeding; therefore, you should enjoy lamb in diverse performances in the restaurants. Similar dishes you can meet in such restaurants as Old Bukhara, Chinar, Badriddin, and others.

The location of restaurants in Bukhara is very convenient. They are always near to almost every well-known attractions, so you will not stay hungry and could find restaurant with delicious food and pleasant atmosphere.

Restaurants in Bukhara are so diverse that even at Wishbone Bukhara located in the city center; you can spend time in European atmosphere, sipping flavored boiled coffee.

Usually, some restaurants are planning special shows in the evenings, where local dancers perform folk dances in traditional costumes.

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