Oshxona.uz Restaurant
Cafe true national cuisine. Restrained interior and delicious food to conquer the hearts of visitors.
Almazar district, st. Sebzar 17/18 1
(+99890) 949-98-89
Sato Restaurant
The restaurant gets its name from the ancient Uzbek string bow musical instrument. Sato sound today as enchantingly as a thousand years ago. In this restaurant, luxury and bliss, you can try dishes from all regions of Uzbekistan, cooked according to the ancient and often new recipes revived.
Yakkasaroy district. st. Abdullah Kahhar, 18
(99871) 150-06-60, 150-99-49
Pavilion Restaurant
Facilities for guests of the restaurant «Pavilion» is designed for 250 seats, and despite the impressive size, looks comfortable, tastefully decorated, resembles a small oasis with exotic plants, there is a VIP-cabin, designed for groups up to 10 people. As well as common VIP-lounge for 50 persons.
Chilonzor district, st. Chilonzor, 55B
(99871) 277-77-44, (99893) 381-88-11
Salom Restaurant
Guests of this restaurant can not only enjoy the high quality service and delicious dishes, but also take a tour of old Tashkent
Mirzo - Ulugbek district, st. Buyuk Ipak Yuli, 162
(99871) 268-73-02, (99890) 955-10-47
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