Restaraunts of Tashkent

Caravan Restaurant
At this moment the restaurant "Caravan" provides various traditional cuisine and unchanging high level of service. Caravan is a very hospital and comfortable restaurant, and among the first ones, which could combine in it the restaurant and the gallery of Uzbek applied art.
Yakkasaroy Street. Abdullah Kahhar, 18
(99871) 150-99-49
Afsona Restaurant
Restaurant Afsona recommends to taste the modern and Uzbek dishes to our tourists.
Mirabad district, st. Taras Shevchenko, 30
(99871) 252-56-81, 252-56-82
Sharshara Restaurant
This Uzbek restaurant, with high quality. Be sure to spend the evening in a cafe Sharshara (Waterfall),
Olmazor district, st. Shimoliy Olmazor, 10
(99871) 240-67-77, (99894) 666-50-09
Anor Restaurant
"Anor" in translate from Uzbek language "pomegranate" - based on the name of a major decision in the design of the restaurant, decorating literally every centimeter of this institution.
Mirabad district, st. Mirobod, 35
(99898) 301-33-11

Foreign guests in the process of exploring culture and remarkable sights of Tashkent visit various restaurants in the region on the regular basis in order to try local cuisine. Restaurants in Tashkent are considered to be the pride of the country and one of the main attractions. More often, tourists go to the restaurants to enjoy exclusive regional cuisine: pilaf, manti, samsa, shahlyk, shurpa, and others.

However, most catering establishments are specialized not only in local cuisine, but also can offer an alternative or mixed menu. Therefore, in Tashkent restaurants you can taste Caucasian kebabs, Japanese sushi, Ukrainian borscht, American steaks, and even a real Italian pizza. Despite of the fact that Tashkent is located far from the coast, some restaurants are even ready to offer high-quality seafood.

Also, it is possible to enjoy thematic atmosphere in Tashkent restaurants. More specifically, in such restaurants as Caravan, Taron, Afsona, or Sato you can revel not only in local cuisine, but also in embodiment of oriental style design. Arched passageways, burnt brick, national ornament, and plenty of satin fabric will make you feel like a true resident of the East. When guests visit Tashkent in summer, they are happily welcomed under open sky on summer terraces or in the areas near basins.

Such places in Tashkent as Arisu Sarang, April, City Grill, Izumi, and Raaj Kapur are open for those who prefer European, Indian and Pan-Asian cuisine.

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