National Geographic Traveler Awards 2018

National Geographic Traveler Awards 2018

On 12th of October 2018, Uzbekistan took a leading position at the National Geographic Traveler Awards competition and got the international prize in the nomination Gastronomic tourism.

34% of interviewees voted for Uzbekistan. The voting took place on the website of National Geographic Journal between such countries as Italy, Azerbaijan, France, Armenia, South Korea, Sweden and Uzbekistan respectively.

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To clarify the fact, the National Geographic Traveler Prize is very prestigious in international tourism. The main purpose of gastronomic tourism is not to try some kind of rare and exotic dish, but to understand the features of national cuisine, products and traditions of the country.

Note that the gastronomic tourism in Uzbekistan is progressing at a rapid pace and attract tourists with the abundance of tastes and splendor of dishes, as well as the flavor of products.

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The contest takes place annually and helps tourists to discover the best places for gastronomic tourism and more.

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