Mark Wiens visited Uzbekistan!

Mark Wiens visited Uzbekistan!

Mark Wiens, a famous food-blogger, visited us with his wife and his little son.

For those, who do not know, Mark Wiens is a funny and friendly guy, who travels around the world and learns about countries through its national cuisine. Mark is from USA, but now he lives in Thailand. In his very childhood, he decided to devote his life to travel.

So far, he has visited more than 50 countries. In his travels, Mark is recording videos in which he provides us with information on features of different countries. He pays attention not only to national cuisine but also to street food.

In Uzbekistan, he was amazed by the friendliness and hospitality of our nation, as well as our marvelous cuisine! In the first days of his travel, they lavished Mark with Khanum and Beshbarmak made of horse meat at the local bazaar. Apart from the succulence of the meat, he also loved the taste and full splendor of our fruits and vegetables.

This is interesting: Uzbek Pilaf

Mark Wiens is rarely getting excited about the architecture of countries, however, in Uzbekistan, he just couldn’t not to visit national sightseeings. Out of three cities, which Mark has visited, he had his heart set on Samarkand, because of its delicious pilaf. Along with it, Bukhara and Khiva also welcomed him very warmly. In Khiva Mark was invited by locals to visit the traditional meeting of men called “Gap”.

You can watch Mark’s vlog here.

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