Urungach Lake is under Protection

Urungach Lake is under Protection

It is considered to introduce Jade LakesUrungach in the list of "Protected Objects of Uzbekistan".

The Committee for Environmental Protection of Uzbekistan, with the support of the ecological party, plans to cover the lakes by a protected area. Thus, the lakes will be isolated from the harm and people.

Jade Lakes are located in Ugam-Chatkal Park in Bostanlyk, Tashkent region. Earlier on the Internet, there were spread out photos of the installation of coaches and pollution of the reservoir. The State Committee of Ecology on July 12 inspected the territory of the lake and found a number of violations:

  • 10 illegal coaches
  • services of catamaran and rubber boats 

Sanitary was not respected. It was discovered the accumulation of plastic debris, food and the remains of fires in the territory of Jade Lakes.

Later, on July 16, an expert team was sent to determine the damage. They pointed out that the couches were dismantled, debris removed, and the boats and catamarans have been taken away. To maintain the order it was appointed an inspection control, which performs its responsibilities round the clock.

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