Two new video-clips about Uzekistan

Two new video-clips about Uzekistan

In July there were launched two new video clips in Uzbekistan, revealing the Uzbek culture.

The creators of the first one are the authors of "The Lost Avocado" blog related to traveling.

Sara Izzi and Timur Tugalev, started filming in April, and later on posted the video in social networks.

Sara is a writer of tourism articles, employed by large journals and works with 52 destinations. Timur - filmmaker. He graduated from the school of art and 3D animation and visualization effects in Scotland.

The team creates projects that are in the top 10 sites of tourism in Italy. They are also the winners in the conquest of National Geographic Traveler in Kyrgyzstan and in 2018 their film about Cuba also won the competition. 

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The second video was shot on the initiative of the Committee for Tourism Development in Uzbekistan and the team from the company "Mystery Box" Jacob and Kate Schwartz.

The video will take one through Samarkand minarets and mosques, will show the unique places of Tashkent, Bukhara, and Khiva.

The video is available at the maximum quality of 8K.

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