Tashkent Sights Reconstruction

Tashkent Sights Reconstruction

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the renovation works on the monuments of Tashkent that will last till 2027.

The reconstruction process has started with two sights.

It covers:

  • The Art Museum
  • The Fountain in Mustakillik square

The museum is closed since June 11th. It should be restored as well as the collection of exhibits which had been deteriorated. There will be built new premises for storing staff.

In addition, visitors will be able to have lunch in the café and to send their children to the playground. The exterior of the building and the yard will be also renovated.

Museum reconstruction will last one year. During this period, the museum will be unavailable.

The Art Museum was founded in 1918, and in 2018 celebrated its anniversary – one hundred years.

The Central fountain of Mustakillik square will also undergo some restoration works. The fountain is more than 50 years old and has not been restored since the foundation.

The fountain has cracks and water leakage has a negative impact on the subway under the fountain.

Also, electricity consumption will be revised. New technologies will cope better with energy saving.

The fountain, samely as the museum, will become available next year.

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