E-Visa duration has been fixed

E-Visa duration has been fixed

According to the decree of the President of Uzbekistan since May 28, the conditions of E-Visa validity have been changed.

Before, Visa Electron was valid for 30 days from the date of arrival in Uzbekistan. At the same time, one was able to use this visa within 90 days after its receipt and for a single entry only.

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Starting May 28, restrictions have been canceled, and now guests can stay in Uzbekistan for a full 30 days if the day of their arrival was within the total period of e-visa validity (90 days).

For example, if a tourist who received an electronic visa with the total period of 90 days which expired on July 20 and s/he arrived in Uzbekistan on July 1, this tourist was obliged to leave Uzbekistan at the expiration of the total period, namely on July 20.
Now s/he will be allowed to stay until July 30, that is, all 30 days.

These amendments will increase the average length of stay in Uzbekistan.

In addition, there are cases of overdue visas. So, in January 2019, the couple from Germany has expired e-visa for 2 days. Such an offense is a subject to a fine of 50-100 times of minimum wage. By the decision of the judge, the issue was closed by the formal warning.  

The State Tourism Committee plans to reduce fines to 5-20 minimum wages, as well as to simplify the payment of fines by opening cash desks at the airports.

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