Artisans' Quarter "Suzuk-Ota"

Quarter of Artisans "Suzuk-Ota"

On May 10 was an event for the opening of the complex Suzuk-Ota. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of Uzbekistan – Shavkat Mirziyoyev. 

Since May 2017, construction works aimed at improving the appearance of the building and the entire territory. It has been built the complex of 8 hectares.  

After the reconstruction of the mausoleum and mosque, one of the buildings of the complex was equipped with a Museum and a Library.

The complex is surrounded on both sides by cottages for craftsmen and artisans. A total of 30 houses for 4 500 acres. The first floors of each cottage are reserved for shops with handicraft products. Thus it stands next to "quarter of artisans". 

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By the way, Suzuk-Ota was the greatest craftsman and teacher of many masters. 

Even after many years, Uzbekistan seeks not only to preserve the traditions of the former craft but also to resume his work.

The complex will be interesting to visit for all tourists coming to explore the local traditions and culture, as well as local residents.

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