National Coloring-Book of Uzbekistan

National Coloring-Book of Uzbekistan

With the assistance of The Islam Karimov Foundation, the Coloring-Book was created, telling about the culture of Uzbekistan.

Each page shows an architectural sight of Uzbekistan with a brief historical description.

The left side contains the original color image and text, and the right side gives freedom to creativity. The image can be repeated to paint the original cultural heritage.

Thus, people will learn the local monuments through an enticing game.

The coloring book is yet available in two languages – French and English.

The development was contributed by such publishers as:
- Nouveau Monde Editions;
- Pen and Sword Books.

The book also presents national patterns, embroideries and works of contemporary artists.
The creation of the book took 4 years of work. Historians, artists and designers, translators and editors worked on it.

Coloring will be a great souvenir gift for people of any age and one may purchase it online.

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