Confucius will arrive in Samarkand

Confucius will arrive in Samarkand

The monument of Confucius is planned to be installed in Samarkand near the State University.

Confucius is known as the great thinker and philosopher of China

The bronze sculpture of Confucius was not yet revealed to the residents of Samarkand as the сonstructions are still in a full swing.

The park dedicated to Confucius will be designed in the classical Chinese way. Gates at the entrance to the park are made of the best granite rocks of China, they reflect the philosophy of the great thinker.

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Behind the monument, there will be a panel representing historical illustrations which will be carried out by our Samarkand compatriots.

On the territory of the park, paving stones will be laid on bridges which cross small canals near the entrance gates, and the pavement of the main square will be made of Uzbek granite and marble. Around the monument, there will be some summerhouses in the Chinese style.

Thus, the park combines the culture and traditions of both Uzbekistan and China. Flower vases, floor-lamps and the sculpture itself were brought from the homeland of Confucius.

The park will be built on the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan, it is also planned to organize an educational center nearby, based on the experience of foreign institutions of Korea, Japan, and China.

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