Uzbekistan is the safest destination for tourists!

Uzbekistan is the safest destination for tourists!

"International SOS and Control Risks companies indicated that Uzbekistan is the safest place for tourists to travel in 2019" - reported by the press service for tourism of Uzbekistan.

International SOS - founded in 1995, its main activity - medical care in 92 countries.

Control Risks was formed in 1975. It assesses political risks and provides a wide range of support and security.

Experts of the companies have prepared a special security assessment map, in which Uzbekistan is the leader among the countries of Central Asia. The level of safety for tourists is comparable with many EU countries, i.e. highest.

Countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, India have been classified in the middle category of safety level for tourists.

To regions with high risk were assigned to Afghanistan and the Ferghana valley and the neighboring regions (the South of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan).

That is due to increased crime, religious clashes, and attacks by other countries against the local government.

It should be noted that Uzbekistan is actively engaged in the development and promotion of tourism. A visa-free regime for citizens of 18 countries was introduced, as well as a common visa between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan was approved.

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