France will help to improve the mountain resort of Uzbekistan

France will help to improve the mountain resort of Uzbekistan

On November 21 the agreement on the improvement of the area "Bostanlyk" was signed.

The agreement was signed between the administration of the Tashkent region and the following French companies:

  • Orex Loisirs
  • Compagnie des Alpes
  • Geode
  • Egis
  • Episode
  • Patriarch

A preliminary study of Bostanlyk area has already begun. The plans are: to determine the best places to stay for both winter and summer. Improvement of conditions for ecotourism, mountaineering, as well as the construction of water parks on the territory of Charvak.

The French took into account all the consequences relating to the subsequent pollution of the lake and the destruction of the mountain landscape, they developed a plan designed to preserve the environment.

For may 2018, the plan for the development of the tourist zone in Charvak was approved. There will be built modern hotels, cultural and entertainment, medical and recreational, shopping and other facilities.

FDA (French Development Agency) also proposed a comprehensive improvement of the Charvak dam. The improvement is aimed at optimizing water resources used for various purposes.

It was planned for 2021, to increase the number of tourists from 72 thousand to 150 thousand.

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