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The deepest cave in Asia — photo 1

The deepest cave in Asia

Cavers from the Ural, together with the Russian Geographical Society, conducted an expedition in the Surkhandarya region, namely, they studied the Chul-Bair...
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Cafes and restaurants of Samarkand — photo 1

Cafes and restaurants in Samarkand

There are many historical monuments in Samarkand. All of them are located in different parts of the city and to...
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Restaurants and cafes in Tashkent — photo 1

Restaurants and cafes in Tashkent

Being in Asia and not trying oriental cuisine means missing out on half the pleasure of the tour. Uzbek cuisine...
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What season to visit Uzbekistan — photo 1

What season to visit Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is different: you can have a great time here at all seasons. If you are planning a trip to...
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Foreign embassies in Uzbekistan — photo 1

Foreign embassies in Uzbekistan

Embassy of Azerbaijan st. Shark Tongi, 25 tel .: (+998 71) 273-61-67 e-mail: Embassy of Algeria st. Osiyo, 6...
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Navruz celebration

On New Year’s Eve, each of us becomes a child again. Believes in miracles. The fact that the wish made...
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Шарк Тароналари

Sharq taronalari

This is one of the most unusual and largest music shows in Uzbekistan. It is held every two years and...
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Rope walkers

In Central Asia, there is a lot of entertainment: dancing, chanting, wrestling, horse racing, but there is another performance that...
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Mahalla — photo 1


There was a mosque in the center of the mahalla. In ancient times, the muezzin called residents from the mosque...
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Kupkari — photo 1


Translated from the Turkic Kupkari means “the cause of many”. This is a folk equestrian competition, which is also called...
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Kuresh — photo 1


Kuresh is a national competition of the Turkic peoples. The sport is officially included in the list of non-Olympic sports...
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