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Internet in Uzbekistan

Internet in Uzbekistan is far behind the level of the former CIS countries. The speed is slow, the coverage area is limited, however, there are few favorable offers for tourists.

Embassiaes and Consulates of Uzbekistan

Today, there are 42 diplomatic missions and consulates of Uzbekistan in foreign countries and international organizations, including permanent missions to the UN in New York and the European office of the UN and other international organizations in Geneva.

For tourists

General information for tourists

Legends of Uzbekistan

The legend of Bibi khanum Mosque

We want to tell you a legend about Bibi-Khanym (Bibi Khanum) most majestic and grandiose mosque.

The legend of Kalyan minaret (Kalon)

An ancient minaret, preserved in its original form in Bukhara and built in 1127

The Legend of Khan Atlas

One of the most popular legends of the emergence of Khan-Atlas, the national fabric, is the legend of the Rich Khan and the poor weaver.

Culture of Uzbekistan

Petroglyphs of Uzbekistan

Petroglyphs are called rock paintings of the Paleolithic period. Scientists believe that most of them ritual inscriptions of ancient shamans

Culture of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan throughout its history has experienced the impact of different cultures and formulated its own

Gidzhak - national instrument of Uzbekistan

Gidzhak is a stringed musical instrument among the inhabitants of Central Asia. Often, gidzhak is confused with kemenche, which is popular in Iran and Armenia, but these are completely different instruments.

Cuisine of Uzbekistan


Tukhum-Barak is one of the most ancient dishes of Uzbekistan. The dish literally translates as "Tukhum" — egg, "Barack" — to cook.

Uzbek Manta

Manta is one of the main dishes of the Uzbek people, which is cooked on steam and was first cooked somewhere in the twentieth century

Sumalak - Festiv Uzbek Delicacy

Sumalak is a tasty and healthy dish, which, according to the residents of Central Asia, gives cheerfulness lost during the whole winter.

Handicrafts of Uzbekistan

Souvenirs of Uzbekistan

All travelers want to keep the memory of the cities and countries, which they have visited.

Art jewelry in Uzbekistan

Jewelry appeared many centuries ago, in ancient times they were considered like amulets.

Blue ceramics of Uzbekistan

Since ancient times on the territory of Uzbekistan used clay to decorate the world.

Nature and Weather of Uzbekistan

Weather in Uzbekistan

The climate in Uzbekistan is sharply continental.

Nature of Uzbekistan

All the beauty of nature you could see in the reserve. There are nine nature reserves in Uzbekistan, they possess the rare natural landscapes.

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