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Embassiaes and Consulates of Uzbekistan

Today, there are 42 diplomatic missions and consulates of Uzbekistan in foreign countries and international organizations, including permanent missions to the UN in New York and the European office of the UN and other international organizations in Geneva.

For tourists

General information for tourists

Legends of Uzbekistan

The legend of Bibi khanum Mosque

We want to tell you a legend about Bibi-Khanym (Bibi Khanum) most majestic and grandiose mosque.

The legend of Kalyan minaret (Kalon)

An ancient minaret, preserved in its original form in Bukhara and built in 1127

The Legend of Khan Atlas

One of the most popular legends of the emergence of Khan-Atlas, the national fabric, is the legend of the Rich Khan and the poor weaver.

Culture of Uzbekistan

Public holidays in Uzbekistan

Information about holidays in Uzbekistan

Wedding in Uzbekistan

Wedding – is very important event for Uzbek families. Parents of children preparing for the wedding almost from their birth. 

Cuisine of Uzbekistan

Uzbek Cuisine

Since ancient times, every ruler, returning from another military campaign, along with precious items tried to bring agricultural goods, and cooks, in turn, sought to transform these goods to something unusual to surprise and please the ruler.

Uzbek Pilaf

The main dish in Uzbek cuisine is Pilaf. This dish is always on the table for all solemn occasion, it serves for guests on the anniversary, and wedding events

Samarkand flat cakes

The Samarkand flat cakes are known for its taste and property not to be spoiled for a long time.

Handicrafts of Uzbekistan

Souvenirs of Uzbekistan

All travelers want to keep the memory of the cities and countries, which they have visited.

Art jewelry in Uzbekistan

Jewelry appeared many centuries ago, in ancient times they were considered like amulets.

Blue ceramics of Uzbekistan

Since ancient times on the territory of Uzbekistan used clay to decorate the world.

Nature and Weather of Uzbekistan

Weather in Uzbekistan

The climate in Uzbekistan is sharply continental.

Nature of Uzbekistan

All the beauty of nature you could see in the reserve. There are nine nature reserves in Uzbekistan, they possess the rare natural landscapes.

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