Sitorai Mohi-Hosa Palace

Sitorai Mohi-Hosa Palace

Sitorai Mohi-Hosa Palace – is a country palace of Bukhara. It is 4 km to the north of the city.

Construction of the palace began in the late of the last century. When the Emir of Bukhara Akhadkhan sent the best Bukharian architects to St. Petersburg and Yalta. There they learned and shared the experience with Russian architects.

Construction of the palace was led by usto Khoja Hafiz. The interior of the apartments of the building was a mixture of European architecture with the architecture of the palaces of Isfahan, and the noble houses of Bukhara.

There are also vulgar elements in the architecture of the palace. These include the throne room with a mezzanine and the blockage of its arches.

New palace causes considerable interest. It was erected alongside old and includes several buildings. You can see here the triumphal arch in the entrance gate, and galleries surrounding the yard. Deep inside the garden there is a room of harem.

There are two marble lions lying at the entrance to the main building of the palace. It was made up by Nurata artists, however, the sculptures did not look properly because the artists were not skilled enough.

Russian engineers were looking after the construction of the main body of the palace, where the private rooms of Amir were located. “White Hall” and it's subsequent reception are entirely the work by architects of Bukhara. These halls gathered the best what the architects of that time be proud of.

Nowadays, there is a branch of Bukhara local history museum in Sitorai Mohi-Hosa Palace. Also, the resort is located on the territory of the palace.

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