Mausoleum of Ismail Samani

Mausoleum of Ismail Samani

One of the unique constructions of Bukhara is the Mausoleum of Ismail Samani. This is an outstanding monument of the world’s architecture, which attracts scholars, artists, and tourists from all over the world.

The legend says that the mausoleum of Samanids was erected by Ismail Samani the founder of Samanid Dynasty, during 9-10 centuries. The mausoleum represents central building- a cube with slightly upward sloping planes and a hemispherical dome. The researchers have linked the idea of its architectural forms with pre-Islamic art of building.

This building indicates the development of construction equipment and a high level of architectural art. It is worth noting that during this period such construction materials as high-quality fired bricks and mortar alabaster are beginning use.

The forms of the mausoleum of Ismail Samani are compared with Zoroastrian temple of fire, with the architecture of the funeral constructions, with the forms Keshk-forts, and even with residential architecture.

The initial purpose of the Mausoleum was the tomb, which determined the building of single-stage square room with a three-tier structure of the interior: bushel, octagon dome, and bowl.

Four facades of the mausoleum are identical. Exterior and interior walls are decorated with patterned structures made of brick masonry. All this gives certain lightness to the mausoleum. The builders of the mausoleum were not planning to watch the sun, as the consequence, there is a small number of windows in the gallery.

Keeping the traditions of pre-Arabian times the mausoleum of Ismail Samani now appears in front of guests in excellent condition. In 1934 it was restored and cleared from the graves.

Nowadays, we can see mausoleum which is perfectly preserved up to these days. Tourists from all over the world are getting acquainted with this unique monument with a brick platform, which surrounds it around.

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