Сastle Ark

Сastle Ark

The witness of 25 centuries history is the Great minaret Ark – the citadel, stands proudly in the center of Bukhara over the square of Registan of Bukhara. It is the oldest construction in Bukhara. It was elevated in V century A.D. At those times slaves were creating manually an artificial hill. Therefore, it was more than once destroyed and built again.

Ark was the Emir's residence. This castle was evidence of the bloody wars and risings, as well as the works of great scientists, poets, and philosophers. Rudaki, Ferdousi, Abu Ali Ibn Sina, Farabi, and later - Omar Khayyam were working here. A unique library was located in the Ark, where they could communicate and work.

In 1920 the Red Army destroyed the Ark. Thus, today 70% of the monument is disruption, several buildings have been preserved, which are used as museums nowadays.

Nowadays Ark – is a rise, reminding irregular rectangle, which is stretched from west to east. From the peak point of the Ark, you can see all the ancient parts of Bukhara

The set of the building is located inside of the Ark Citadel. For example, the mosque Childuhtaron (40 girls) is preserved and located on the East side of the Ark. The legend about 40 girls, tortured and thrown into the well, is connected with this mosque.

Opposite to gates of the Ark, there is mosque Bolo House, in which Emir was praying.

At the peak of the entrance stairs of Ark, there is the mosque Juma that was built in the XVII century. Tall columns standing on the porch made from maple. There is a museum in the mosque, where a collection of manuscripts and documents of the XIX and XX centuries are presented.

The walls of Ark are storing the long history. This is an obvious book for builders and architects. Here, looking at the type of masonry and building materials, you can learn how buildings were constructed at those times and to what criteria people were paying much attention.

Ark – is a historical monument, about the rich history of which you can learn from documents and exhibits in the halls of the local history museum.

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