Kalyan Minaret

Kalyan Minaret

Kalyan Minaret is another architectural monument, without which it is impossible to imagine the silhouette of Bukhara. It was built from baked bricks with delightful embossing in 1127 during the reign of Arslan-khan.

Kalyan Minaret is presented in an unusual way, which many architects were trying to imitate and follow.

It is executed with great taste, which combines the rigor and grandeur, lightness and grace at the same time.

The Grand Minaret of Bukhara is one of the tallest construction in the city. The height of this construction is about 46 meters; its foundation part is plunged into a depth of 10 meters.

The diameter on the base of the minaret is 9 meters.

The minaret is presented in the form of a circular column. It is built from the backed brick on the alabaster mortar. There is a spiral stone staircase with 104 steps inside the minaret.

At the top, the building of minaret is topped by a cylindrical lantern. This attractive vertical line can be seen from any point of Bukhara.

Kalyan Minaret met and overcame many difficulties on his way. It stood in front of many earthquakes that destroyed much historical building in Uzbekistan. The secret of the stability of the minaret is in the construction of its foundation.

Kalyan Minaret is full of legends, according to which the monument has various purposes during different times. It also used to be a tower of the mosque, and the observation point, where people could keep an eye on exposure of enemies. Also, the minaret was a place of public capital punishment. Due to this, Kalyan Minaret was named "Tower of Death." Nowadays, the minaret is known in the world under this name.

Many people express admiration and interest looking at patterned brickwork. This reflects the national pattern and distinctive style, with ruggedness patterned relief.

Kalyan Minaret had twelve ornamental belts with unique patterns; three of them have been preserved nowadays. Here you can see the date of minaret construction, which was in 1127, the name of the ruler of Bukhara Arslan-khan and the name of the builder - usto Barno.

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