Madrassah of Ulugbek

Madrassah of Ulugbek

Madrassah of Ulugbek is the embodiment of a new era in the life of the city and the memory of astronomer Mirzo Ulugbek. During that era, cultural and economic areas were developing.

The following aphorism was cut on the door of madrassah: "The pursuit of knowledge is the duty of every Muslim man and woman". Ulugbek wanted the madrassah to be the home of education. Madrassah was erected by best architects of that era: Ismail Isfagani and Nazhmetdin Bukhari.

Everyone who sees Madrassah of Ulugbek will be surprised by the severity and proportionality of its forms, as well as by harmony of elements compatibility. It is a fact, that the majority of madrassahs in Central Asia has started to be built like Madrassah of Ulugbek.

Madrassah of Ulugbek is represented as a rectangular building with a courtyard. The building has a main entrance, which is decorated by the high portal. The corridor divides the entrance to madrassah. At one end of the corridor there was a room for classes, and in another - a mosque.

Students could use the library on the second floor of the building. The facade is presented in a two-tier arcade and has two wings. From both sides, it is closed with towers - guldasta. The interior design is clear and well-structured: the yard is framed with two-story galleries, where students lived.

Everything has been predetermined in the design of the construction. For instance, there were galleries, where students lived. Decorations of the madrassah were harmonically matching with an architecture of the building. The walls and arches almost were not decorated. Since Ulugbek was an astronomer, in facing of madrassah you can see patterns of astral nature.

Students were studying Koran and getting acquainted with sciences in madrassahs. This madrassah has become the center of learning for many scientists, poets, and thinkers of that time. Students studied at madrassah for about 15-20 years. Classes were held every day, except Thursdays and Fridays. Students could choose courses from every mudarris. Classes were held in more free form rather than strictly, where students could dispute with teachers.

However, as time passed, Madrassah of Ulugbek lost its positive quality of education. It has appeared as the church and everything was reduced to mindless memorization of the Koran dogmas.

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