Mosque Baland and Hodja Zayniddin

Mosque Baland and Hodja Zayniddin

Mosque Baland and Hodja Zayniddin – are distinctive representatives of the innovation in the architecture of Bukhara at the end of Navoi era and the beginning of the existence of the Uzbek Khanate.

Mosque Baland stands on a high stone base. It is a cube with a flat ceiling mounted and hall, which stands on carved wooden columns.

Much admiration is caused by the interior of the mosque, its vestments. Architects turned to classical solutions. As there are various panels and borders interchanging on the cover.

The panel of Mosque Baland consists of a set of rectangular frames that adorn the beautiful mosaic paintings. For example, the panels are arrow-shaped, filled with painted flowers, as well as with the inscriptions on the frame. All figures are repeated periodically. The ceiling of the mosque is made from the wood.

Due to the picturesque attire of the walls of the mosque Baland, the architects of the later period tried to imitate.

The mosque Khodja Zayniddin was erected before 1555. It gets us acquainted with the cult-monumental and public urban construction, during which great attention is paid to the design of streets and neighborhoods.

The mosque is harmoniously linked to the residential area. There are a hall and pool in the shadow of the yard, where the residents could drink water.

The visitors of the mosque could plunge into wealth and luxury. The building of the mosque is decorated with beautiful ornaments. It looks simple and natural transition from the square of the domed room through the arch sloped above the head, which can be compared with the blue and gold bowl. This cup is likely hovering in the air. The bowl of dome seems weightless as if hovering over the head. Here you can meet the architecture of the feudal era: halls that are adjacent to the main domed room of the mosque.

Even today, a bright palette of colors of interior leaves a deep impression

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