Eco-center "Djeyran"

Eco-center "Djeyran"

he Eco-center "Djeyran" is located 40 km to the south of Bukhara. The total area of this reserve is 51,450 km2. It is a unique natural territory in the heart of the Kyzyl-Kum Desert. It is a breeding center for rare animals. Here you can get acquainted with the unique natural world of the desert, to observe how animals and plants adapt to the hard conditions of the desert, how they survive in the modern conditions of human attack at nature. This is real oasis, that strongly contrasts with scorched and, at first sight, uninhabited desert. Three lakes are located at this territory. They have poetic names – the ‘Beautiful Lake’, the ‘Duck Lake’, the ‘Big Salt Lake’.

The main mass of rare animals concentrates around these lakes. According to the last registration data, 902 djeyrans (Persian gazelle), 67 onagers, 21 Przewalski’s horses live in the Eco-center. All these unique animals have found shelter here, in the heart of the desert.

Our company organizes trips to Ecocenter “Djeyran”. We can add your visit to the eco-center to any of our Spending time here would be a great help for the center and of course our animals!

What can be your activities in the center?

  • Firstly, visit. Any time.
  • Help to feed wild animals. Period: from January 1st to March 15
  • Help to feed milk to newly born djeyrans from a bottle. Period: April 20 –July 20.
  • Help prepare fodder for winter. Period: May – October
  • Annual count of wild animals. Period: October.
  • Help in planting the seeds of saxaul (Haloxylon).
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