Kosh madrassah Ensemble

Kosh madrassah Ensemble

Kosh madrassah Ensemble was built in the second half of XVI century. This massive construction can be seen from far away. The ensemble represents a new stage in the development of Central Asian architecture. It is still fascinating people with its harmony.

The reign of Abdullakhan (1557-98 years) is marked by considerable construction. During this period Kosh-madrassah, which constitutes of Modari-Khan and Abdullakhan madrassah was built.

In 1568 Abdullakhan built a madrassah Modari-Khan in honor of his mother. The building was built solidly, and it has survived to present days.

There is no definite symmetry in this ensemble, as it is placed under the angle towards the road. The main faсade is decorated by multicolored mosaic, which makes up a variety of geometric pictures. This is almost the only decoration of madrassah.

There is a rectangular yard with one hall inside the madrassah. The yard is framed by a two-tier set of decorative arches with loggia.

Based on the same principle 23 years after the construction of Modari-Khan madrassah, another madrassah of Abdullakhan was built.

The main entrance to madrassah has high portal bordered by two-tier wings with loggia and entrance gallery on the upper floor. Madrassah is ornamented by decorative facilities, that play in color during the sunlight and looks like one bright spot of color. Standard majolica tiles were used for madrassah decoration. The doors of madrassah cause a great interest. The doors are made from pieces of wood without tacks.

There is a gallery with two passageways to yard in the lobby of madrassah. There are a mosque and Darskhana in the gallery. The mosque is turned at an angle to the main building.

There are 4 halls with high portals inside the yard. They are decorated by belts from brick mosaic. Behind the hall on the west side the premises were built. The premises were located around the yard. It should be noted that indoor yard – is innovation of madrassah builders.

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