Indoor bazaars and bathhouses

Indoor bazaars and bathhouses

There are domed constructions built at the crossroads of major highways in Bukhara. Nowadays, people assumed names based on sequenced numbers: the first, second and third dome. The third dome is called Toki Zargaron – the dome of jewelers. It consisted of 36 jewelry shops and stores.

If you go to south from that dome, there is market building on the left side. This building was erected during the epoch of Sheybanids – Tim Abdullakhan (1577). Tims – are closed passages, where people traded with silk and wool. It was opened from the early morning.

In the south side of Tim Abdullah there is Toki Telpakfurushon - is the dome where hats were sold. The third dome Toki Sarrofon is located over the channel Shahrud. This was the place for “money exchange”, where you could change coins of different countries. Much attention was paid to expensive commodities such as precious harness, furs and jewelry.

Initially, the walls of Toki Sarrafon were decorated by polished brick, at the end of XIX and beginning of XX century the wall were plastered. Nowadays, the restorers are covering the walls with polished bricks as it was done before.

In addition to bazaars there also were baths. Nowadays, such bathhouses as Khammomi Sarrofon and Khammomi Bozori-Kord are still functioning.

These baths are presented in the form of underground constructions that has low domes and small upper windows.

Without any doubts, these old baths are improving, but still the initial appearance is preserved. You can get into the bath directly from the street. Inside, you will see cloakroom and rest room, and further there are bath rooms.

Bukharian bathhouses – are typical representatives of monuments of civil construction of XVI century in Bukhara. The engineering uniqueness of construction is considered as achievement of era.

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