Attractions of Nurata

Lake Aydarkul
Lake Aydarkul is named as turquoise "sea in sand". It admires and fascinates all who saw it. Lake Aydarkul is an ecological antipode of the Aral Sea, a big closed reservoir which attracts wanderers who got tired of the desert and steppes.
Sacred spring Chashma (Nurata)
According to a legend 40 thousand years ago a lightning meteorite fell in this place. As a result of falling of heaven, the object has formed a crater and there appeared a sacred source, its water possesses health-giving property.

A mysterious town called Nurata is situated in the Navoiy region. The town does not have a big population, which amounts to only 28 200 people and is located in the foothills of Nurata mountains. Muhammad Narshakhi, who wrote about the history of Bukhara in 943, provides information about the settlement Nur, located at the foot of the mountain. Traveling Nurata attracts numerous tourists from around the world due to its holy places. They are Chilustun mosque and Kukgumbaz mosque, as well as a source of healing holy water "Chashma", where, according to the legend, the sacred fish is found, while the water is able to give strength and health.

According to local legends, forty thousand years ago a fire stone fell to the ground in this place and on the place of the fall, a spring was hammered in the formed crater, the water of which had healing power. Around this place the Chashma complex was founded.

Chashma complex combines a sacred well with the spring, Djuma mosque and the Mausoleum of Nurata. The spring always keep a constant water temperature of about 20 degrees. There are hundreds of fish which provide a constant purity of the Chashma spring.

Our educated guides will fill you in all the secrets of these Holy places. Also, there is another historic landmark in Nurata – a fortification called Nur, which was built by the orders of the famous conqueror Alexander the Great in 327 BC. Alexander the Great in his time also ordered to build a unique construction: underground water supply “Kariz” not far from Nurata, which partially works today. Our tours will guide you through all these charming places of the sacred city.

All the historical sights listed in our guidelines, keep a piece of the past, in which sometimes we are so eager to plunge, while the sacred spring would give some strength and cure from many ailments.

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