The city of Muynak settles down in the territory of autonomous republic Karakalpakstan which is a part of Republic Uzbekistan. In 1963 Muynak has found the city status. In it lives about 30 thousand people.

Various atmospheric processes form a climate in the region. In the winter considerable influence is shown by cold northern and northwest interventions which give rise to temperature decrease. The snow abundance, which covers at times is observed 5-15 cm. Summer usually dry and hot there. Air temperature during this period reaches +39°С.

In the Soviet period, the city was considered as a popular city-port on the southern coast of the Aral Sea.

There was a fish-canning industrial complex known in the republic. Muynak till 1980th met and pleased fans of active leisure. However in 1980th years the ecological situation there has strongly changed.

Destruction of a city is considered by process of rich irrigation of cotton fields by waters of the Amu Darya which sated lake.

There is an Airdrome "Muynak» which is able to accept aircraft, for example, such as: An-24, Jak-40, and also helicopters.

Nowadays Muynak is located in more than 100 kilometers from the Aral Sea. Prints of former seaside life you see everywhere there. At the entrance to the city, there is a pedestal where fish is drawn. The oppressive impression makes harbor Muynak, now it named as «a cemetery of the ships». In the desert which was a sea earlier, settle down rusty thrown vessels which are eyewitnesses of long-term ecological tragedy. The desert of the ships is a result of the cruel relation of people the o environment.

In Muynak there is a bread-baking complex and joint-stock company of open type «Muynak fish-canning industrial complex» which at present time is going through a hard time, due to the absence of raw materials. Sometimes at the industrial complex are delivered orders manufacturing of canned food from production. In the region, there is a farm named "Raimbek". However, there are problems. Today in Muynak work only 27 farmers that their quantity has increased in four-five times, considerable stimulating measures are necessary which difficult to realize

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