Attractions of Termez

Kirk-Kyz Fortress
It is believed that the fortress was rebuilt by the Samanid ruler aside from settlements for solitude, since he liked to spend time in silence, away from the bustle of the city
Khanaka Kukildor-Ota
One of the most revered places of Termez is the khanaka of Kukildor- ota
Dalverzintepa Settlement
Tourism in Uzbekistan is diverse, in the Shurchinsky district is the ancient settlement of Dalverzintepa  
Sangardak Falls
One of the most famous tourist attractions in Uzbekistan, Sangardak Falls is rightfully considered to be most interesting
Zartepa Township
The surviving features of the golden city of Zartepa are known to all residents of Termez, which is a part of the development of the tourism sector in Uzbekistan
Buddhist cult center Kara-Tepa
Buddhist cult center Kara-Tepa is located on a three-private height of sandstone, its area makes up approximately. The name of a complex in translation means "black hill". The center included a complex of independent constructions.

"Riverside" this is the meaning of the name of the city called Termez, which spreads its borders on the banks of the Amu Darya River. More than two thousand years ago the ruler of Bactria, Zoroaster, founded it. This is the most southern city of the country and it has a long history of Buddhism arrival to the region which can be testified by one of the most famous attractions of Termez – Zurmala, Budhistic Stupa.

Best of Surxondaryo Region is situated in Termez. The ancient city played an important role in forming the culture of Central Asia. Termez is one of the oldest cities that has made a significant contribution to the development of the Great Silk road, which at one time was the main crossroad of world civilizations.

Mausoleum of Hakim al-Termezi is one of the main holy places in Termez, one of the points on the map for religious pilgrims. Basically, it is a unique city where two religions: Buddhism and Islam meet each other. This can be proved by just looking at the minaret Zharkurgan. The base of this creation, made by architect Muhammad Sarahs, decorated with verses from Koran.

Another fascinating attraction of Termez, which is present by our sightseeing guidelines is the fortress Kirk-Kiz, which meaning is forty girls. According to the local legend, the queen Gulaim lost all her troops in the battle, so she gathered a new army consisting of forty brave girls to defend the city. Therefore, the walls of the fortress, which age is more than two thousand years, have been named in honor of these girls’ victory over the enemy.

And finally, Sultan Saodat, one of the largest memorial complexes of antiquity which size by the area is reaching 4 hectares. The ashes of the Emir Hussein, an ally of Amir Timur, rests in one of the many tombs. Besides this, the complex has more than 140 installations which age refers to the XI century.

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