Registan Square

Registan Square

The Pearl of Central Asia and one of the most magnificent and beautiful squares of the world - Registan “sandy area” by translation.

“Registan” a unique complex, is still considered to be one of the main architectural remarkable sights in Central Asia. It was a trade and public center of Samarkand for a long time. Besides, it was also considered as the center of wisdom and culture. Ulugbek worked here and lots of students were educated here.

Registan composed of three madrasahs: ”Ulugbek” (1417-1420), “Sher-Dor” (1619-1636), “Tillya-Kori” (1647-1660).

“Ulugbek” madrasah was erected first. It included 50 rooms-khudjr, where more than a hundred students lived. The famous poet Jami was educated there, mathematics and astronomy was taught by Ulugbek himself. Due to some facts, there was even a big studying sundial on the campus of madrasah.”Ulugbek” madrasah was not spared by time and earthquakes. That is why in the thirties there was a range of works on straightening of the bent minaret.

In the 17th century, two more madrasahs “Sher-Dor” and “Tillya-Kori” were built here. They stand out with their size and wealth of external decoration.”Sher-Dor” stands for “having lions”. It had been erected for almost 17 years according to the special project of Emir Yalangtush. It surpassed all other constructions with the beauty of its design.

In 10 years time still during Yalangtush madrasah “Tillya-Kori” was constructed. “Tillya-Kori” means “decorated with gold”. It takes on rich interior decorations with golden relief paintings. Students were educated in “Tillya-Kori”, but on the other hand, it was used as a mosque. According to its architectural splendor, “Ulugbek” madrasah surpassed “Sher-Dor” and “Tillya-Kori”.

These three madrasahs are directed with their portals to the center of the square and compose a conformed ensemble composition. Every building differs with its unusual design-walls and portals ornamented with patterns made out of glazed brick. Blue cupolas of madrasahs made of burnt brick while the external side is ornamented with glazed brick.

Nowadays holidays and festivals are held on Registan. On weekdays different stalls and workshops work here. Visitors can buy souvenirs there.

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