The conspicuous monument of ancient architecture is a great cathedral mosque “Bibi-Khanym (Bibi Khanum)” “the saint mistress” by translation - one of the biggest in the Muslim world. It was erected in 1399-1404.

According to the wonderful legend severe, Amir Temur built the mosque for his beloved wife Bibi Khanym (Bibi Khanum).

Right after the successful India invasion, Temur made up his mind to construct the biggest monument of the East. Shining walls, significant minarets, dignified portal, ornamented with patterns of carved marble, glorified Temur and his wife.

One of the most outstanding features of that time architectural ensembles was massive constructions of enormous size and proportion of the composition. The most delightful example is “Bibi-Khanym (Bibi Khanum)” mosque.

Hundreds of experts from famous architects to a large number of qualified construction workers and craftsmen from Azerbaijan, Fars, Khorana and Hindustan had constructed the mosque for 5 years. To facilitate hard labor of the craftsmen elephants from India were used.

Only entrance portal, minaret, big mosque, and small mosques remnants have been preserved by now. The area of this great construction takes 167х109 meters. Luxurious blue cupolas of the mosque are the mysterious sight. This monumental construction was built with a range and mystifies everyone who has seen it with its size and beauty. The “Bibi-Khanym” cupola in the past was compared with the firmament and its arch - with the Milky Way.

The courtyard of the mosque was surrounded by richly ornamented galleries with the arches placed on more than three hundred marble columns, harmonious minarets towered above in the corners.

At the time of liturgies, the building gradually came to ruins because of the great number of people overcrowded it. It was impossible to completely realize such an architectural project. The monumental arch of the entrance portal collapsed within the first years after the construction works were finished.

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