Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Grand Academic Theatre in Tashkent

Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Grand Academic Theatre in Tashkent

Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Grand Academic Theatre in Tashkent is a unique Grand theater in Central and South East Asia. It was formed in 1939 on the basis of the Uzbek musical theater.

In 1930th the government of Republic Uzbekistan made a decision to erect a theatre building which would correspond to growth of national culture.

The state competition was declared on in order to create a theatre building. The competition won the project of the academician of architecture A.V.Shusev. In 1939 the theater structure has begun.

However in 1942 because of military operations construction stopped, but proceeded after two years.

The deported from Kvantunsky army Japanese prisoners of war participated in the construction. In painting and decorating of a building, a great skill national artists of Uzbekistan showed Usta Shirin Muradov, H.Boltaev, A.Hudajbergenov, etc.

After the end of the construction of the building academician, A. Shusev suggested creating a fountain which as a result harmoniously fulfilled an architectural ensemble before a portal of theater.

Alisher Navoi Theatre

In 2010 fountain illumination and music underneath were added. Today this light show fountain attracts inhabitants and visitors of capital who admire this ensemble.

As well as familiarizing population with national and world culture the theater also expands borders of the importance in world culture. Soloists of theater participate in the international festivals and competitions, go on tour abroad. During the last years on a theater scene acted special guest performers-conductors such as: Pierre Dominik Panelli from Germany; Lawrence Golan from the USA, Paolo Longo from France, Giovanni Gverreri from Italy. In addition, successfully the theater scene accepted soloists of bally from Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain and France.

The troupe of Alisher Navoi theater always in creative search often updates and expands the repertoire.

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