The underground of Tashkent

The underground of Tashkent

The underground is fast, convenient, and also the advanced kind of municipal transportation. We will get acquainted closer with the Tashkent underground.

In August 1971 was accepted an order concerning the initial construction of the underground in Tashkent. The given project demanded high expenses.

In January 1972 construction of the Tashkent underground started. It is necessary to notice that builders have handed over the first starting site of the underground with a schedule advancing for a year.

After start-up on 6th November 1977, the underground hasn`t stopped for a minute.

The city of Tashkent is situated on a mobile ground which decreases in volume because of humidifying. In this connection, the underground was constructed in difficult conditions, but that didn't stop drifters.

Thanks to the support of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov works on the building of new lines of the Tashkent underground are safely preceded.

Today the extent of three lines of the underground (Chilanzor, Uzbekistan and Junusabad) which include 29 stations, makes 36.2 km. According to forecasts in the next five years, the volume of transportations by the Tashkent underground will increase in 1,4 times. There are no land stations in the Tashkent underground, but there are three short land sites with underground bridges through Tashkent channels.

Underground in Tashkent

In September 2001 began to operate a new, third line of the underground - Junusabad. This underground line transports up to 60 thousand passengers every year.

Since the 1st of April 2012, the tariff for the journey to the underground is defined at the rate of 700 sums.

«The underground city of Tashkent» henceforth will admire and please with the speed millions of Tashkent inhabitants and its visitors.

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