Ming Urik

Ming Urik

Ming Urik is located in the bend of Salar canal. Its area is about 35 hectares.

There was a number of 4 cities and up to 20 castles and settlements in the early Middle Ages in the territory of present Tashkent.

The main place among them had the capital - Madinat-ash-Shash. Later Arab sources name a city which ruins were studied on the site of an ancient settlement Ming Urik. The name Chach was given in them in a configuration with "Shash", as there is no letter "ch" in the Arab alphabet.

There was an active city construction in the land in the VIIth -VIIIth centuries. At this time Ming Urik reached the greatest blossoming.

It consisted of a fortress-citadel and the city - Shahristan. The citadel was surrounded with a wall from pahsa and mud brick. It had rectangular towers of a step-like configuration. Next to the citadel on ruins of the ancient temple of sun worshipper was constructed the palace of governors, that represents a capital status of the city. Being lifted on the top of a hill, it dominated over the whole city. The palace contained many rooms. There were a parade hall, living rooms and storages. Also, the cult complex with fire sanctuary was cleared away.

The fire and late transformations practically destroyed its decoration. It is possible to understand that walls were decorated with colorful paintings showing the life of tsars and the nobility by some fragments.

Ming Urik. Tashkent

The palace complex was built on the remains of walls and floors of the room which existed before.

Movarounnahr, Ming-Urik is located close to the citadel as well as other palaces. The erected on the peak palace, as well as the citadel, dominated over Shahristan and was the basis of education of the city.

It should be noted that Ming Urik is considered the place of residence of the known governor Turan - Afrasiab.

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