Chorsu Bazar

Chorsu Bazar

The Tashkent Chorsu Bazaar which official name «Eski Zhuva» is one of the largest and ancient ones in Central Asia. It is situated at a crossroads of four trade streets of Tashkent. Seven domes decorated with a bright glazed ceramic tile unite pavilions where trade is taking place. A two-storeyed and ring-shaped arrangement of trading numbers is convenient for buyers.

After entering into rows with fruits, we get to a fruit fairy tale filled with delicious food. There are ruddy apples and juicy pears, sweet grapes, peaches, prunes and quince fruits, and also a tasty ripe fig, pomegranates, the ripe persimmon, enormous amount of water-melons and melons.

In one of the domes, it is possible to buy fresh mutton and beef, perfect rice, raisins, dried apricots, different kinds of nut and many other things. In other pavilion, buyers are attracted by spicy aromas of saffron and cinnamon, red and black pepper, a carnation and cardamom.

Chorsu Bazaar. Tashkent

In the early Middle Ages, this market appeared at an association of an internal city – Shahristana and Rabat which were occupied by handicraftsmen. Thus, it became the city center. Here passed trading highways, the market was not only a trading place but also a point of city news. The market square collected visiting merchants, and also rope-walkers. Besides on a market took place cockfights and performed singers.

In the carpet raw, it is possible to buy carpets and oriental carpets from Bukhara, Khiva, and Samarkand. In Chorsu bazaar, certainly, it is necessary to bargain, the prices for the goods are appointed according to the auction.

Foto Chorsu Bazaar. Tashkent

Here it is possible to get various souvenirs: chapans, the present Uzbek skullcaps, colorfully painted caskets, and many other things.

In the bazaar, there is a set of points of public catering where it is possible to try true Uzbek pilaff and other traditional Uzbek dishes.

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