Independence Square

Independence Square

On the 5th of September 1991, the main square of Uzbekistan was granted the name «Mustaqillik Maydoni» ("Independence Square"). It is, perhaps, the most beautiful square in Tashkent city.

For the last years, Independence Square has changed its shape. There were extensive works on its construction and accomplishment.

The square is opened by the Arch of kind and noble aspirations. This fine architectural ensemble has a length of 150 meters and is based on 16 columns from white marble. The arch is crown by 4 storks and cranes, birds of happiness and well-being bring the greatness of the area of independence the monument of «Independence and humanism». On the basis which comprised of a red granite is placed a globe which represents the contour of the territory of Republic Uzbekistan. It is a symbol of recognition of Republic Uzbekistan in the world community.

Under the monument is located a simple and at the same time solemn monument of Happy Mother.

The monument was executed by sculptors Ilhom and Kamol Dzhabbarov in 2006. There, an Uzbek woman is presented with a child on her hands. This image symbolizes life, wisdom, and also hope of the great future of Uzbekistan. The height of a happy mother is 6 meters, and a figure of the child is 3,5 meters.

Independence Square. Tashkent

On the main square of the country are located Cabinet of Ministers and Senate office buildings.

On the Independence Square can be found one more memorial which is devoted to those who did not return from World War II. This is the Square of Memory. Next to the eternal fire is inclined the figure of the grieving mother who did not wait until the return of her sons from war fronts. Names of those, who have laid down the lives in the battlefield by gold letters, are written into "The Memory Book" which is also placed there. Everyday people who remember and appreciate people sacrificed their lives for the freedom of future generations and the peace sky visit this place.

Foto Independence Square. Tashkent

During celebrations and days of the Independence Square welcomes inhabitants and visitors of the capital. It is a place of worship and a bright embodiment of Uzbekistan, its present and the future.

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