Mission: Discovering the world and preserving it


Central Asia is the ancient mainstay of science and culture. Centuries ago, brilliant discoveries were made, unique architectural masterpieces were constructed, and new tendencies and crafts which became the pillars of human civilization appeared here.


We believe that our region is the legacy of the whole world, and this is why we would like to show these lands to all people of Earth. At the same time, we never forget that future generations are meant by “all people of Earth” as well. This is why we pay so much attention to stable tourism, which is determined to preserve the nature, culture, and history of our homeland.


The company’s goals are:

- Popularization of the countries in the region

- Preserving nature

- Globalization



The world is enormous and beautiful, but the human abilities are limited. No one can see each and every corner of the planet, but our task is doing everything possible to do so. In order to achieve this goal the company uses the following means:

— providing aid during the travels to foreigners and local residents;

— public awareness activity: publication of information materials and support of projects in the areas of history, Oriental studies, science, and technologies;

— charity programs for environmental protection;

— cooperation with Travelife and nature protection foundations;

— improving the professionalism of employees and service quality;

— increasing the interest in Uzbekistan in the world.

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